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Peter Pan (DVD Trailer)

Dance Academy (Bristol)
DVD trailer

I LOVE filming and photographing theatrical productions and dance shows. I have a nationwide based cliental, ranging from west wales (Pembrooke and Cardigan) to the London's West End. I personally have never seen this as a business but rather a passion, which is why I genuinely take pride in never having lost a single client. The exponential growth and success of my business is purely because of personal recommendations of existing clients.

My clients often request for my photography AND filming services. Please see the Dance Academy's DVD trailer above as an example of one such client. In addition to the DVDs of the show the clients that choose this service are also provided with the high resolution edited photos captured using a still photography camera (I never take stills from a video as the quality will always be much lower than a still camera!).

The West End Performers and celebrities concert
(DVD Trailer)

Tenors of Rock (UK gig)
(DVD Trailer)


Pop Workshop (London)

Snow White & Seven Dwarf Pantomime

Scrooge Pantomime

Sir Harry Secombe Trust (2015)

Footlight Performance Academy (Bristol)

Specialising in Black Tie, Stage and a variety of special events.
Portrait photography ranging from babies to pets and fashion models.
Commercial photography for variety of private and public sectors are covered, ranging from educational school to restaurants and the Council.

Performances filmed and edited to make memorable DVDs. Professional videos and show reels are also made to order.

My aim as a photographer is to combine highly customer focused service with creativity and affordability to ensure total client satisfaction. As a rule I will work closely with all clients in determining their specific requirements prior to any shoot (be it photography or Videography), thereby ensuring the end result meets their specific requirement.

? All photos are taken by haphotography and must not be downloaded, copied or used with out written consent